Skilled Staff: 3 Awesome Labour Hire Benefits


Business owners across Australia will attest to how hard it can be to source staff. What’s worse is when it has to be done on short notice to ensure that business operations can continue without any hurdles. It can be an incredibly stressful process that can also potentially affect company profits!

This is why business owners, their companies and employees benefit from labour hire’s fast access to skilled workers. Labour hire, also known as labour supply, supplementary staffing or temping, comes with many workplace benefits that make it ideal for business owners across myriad industries.

Here, we will talk about labour hire companies and how they can benefit your business through efficient hiring of highly skilled staff:

But first, what are labour hire businesses?

When it comes to the best manufacturing staff hiring Melbourne has, you need a labour hire company. They will work as a third-party provider of outsourced workers on either a temporary or permanent basis. Sounds simple, right? Well, it doesn’t end there, as your provider will also do the following on your behalf:

  • Pre-screen workers
  • Take care of admin that is required to onboard a new worker so that they can quickly start work
  • Pay their wages
  • Pay their worker’s comp insurance
  • Take care of all payroll tax & record-keeping

But the most important thing is this: they will provide you with the most skilled workers in your industry without all the hassle of hiring them yourself. This is perfect for time-short business owners, but it also provides a host of other benefits that make it an ideal option.

So, what are the benefits?

Business owners like yourself often need to fill a role at a moment’s notice. There might have been an unforeseen career break or illness that requires an outsourced worker to step into that role for a period. Naturally, this is the most important benefit of a labour hire company, but here are some other fantastic reasons for enlisting this awesome service:

  1. Less spent on hiring

Hiring new employees is expensive. You may not need a full-time employee to step into a role as this will cost your company in unforeseen expenditure. The cost of hiring a new employee goes far beyond their wages, with the process of advertising, CV-processing, interview-conducting and reference-checking all taking up time and, consequently, resources.

Your chosen labour company will take care of all this for you, ensuring that you save time, resources and money instead of impeding on your daily business operations!

  1. They screen for compatibility

A hypothetical: say you do overlook a labour hire company and enlist a new employee on your own accord. Sure, they may appear to tick all the boxes, but would they require extra training to ensure they can handle the required role? Training new employees can be a tedious experience, and can even become quite frustrating if you quickly find out the worker is simply not suitable for the role.

Conversely, your labour hire company undertakes extensive pre-screening to ensure your prospective temp is fully compatible with your advertised role. This includes ensuring they are prepped and ready to make an immediate start without all the downtime of extensive training.

  1. They conduct strict background checks

You naturally want to enlist a trusted employee to your company. This is especially so if they are a temp, and so it’s important to choose a labour hire company as they conduct full background checks on any temp that is part of their agency. This will ensure that you have a trustworthy employee who will arrive ready to work!