Top Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

Marketing Trends

As Digital Marketing is now becoming more and more widely used; it is extremely important to always be on the cutting edge if you want to succeed over the competition.

Marketers are always find new and innovative ways to keep their audiences intrigued by introducing the latest trending technologies to their marketing campaigns. Check out our list of top trends that we think will be kicking into high gear this year!

1. Next level Video Advertising

People all over the world watch millions of hours of YouTube videos everyday day, and that’s just YouTube, what about all though videos posted on Facebook, Bing etc. It is apparent that video advertising does work, and people are interested to watch anything any everything you upload. It has most definitely become a very successful digital marketing strategy to use.

2. Live-streaming social platforms

Last year, live-streaming social media platforms were unveiled and soon after Twitter revealed, ‘Periscope’, which is a live video streaming app that allows you to watch live video from across the globe. This can be a great app to use for product demos or just for customers to share their experiences.

3. Mobile will take over desktop

Over the years, the number of mobile to desktop users has increased significantly. This could mean that the future could lie in mobile devices so you should make sure all your websites are mobile friendly for customers so they can easily access your content on the go.

4. Virtual reality

Virtual reality can also be the next best thing as it allows your customer to be completely surrounded with the experience of your product, so that they have a more realistic view of what you are offering.

5. Relationship marketing

Relationship marketing is a strategy used to create customer loyalty, interactions and long-term engagement. This basically means to promote your products via personalised marketing campaigns for individuals.

6. Location-based marketing

One study group estimated $9 billion will be spend on location-targeted mobile ads by the end of 2016. This can help you to target your marketing campaigns based on various locations, which also adds a sense of personalisation for the customers, as they will see campaigns or products that are targeted at their location.