7 Essential Job Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips

Getting ready for any job or interview can be very stressful and difficult. No matter how many interviews you have given in your life, you always walk in with a heavy heart and a nervous smile. However, with a little bit of planning and thinking, you can minimize the odds of committing mistakes in a job interview. Here are 7 essential job interview tips that will help you land in that dream job of yours.

Have a flawless CV

The first tip is actually before the interview- make sure that you send in a clear, updated CV. Your CV should include detailed information about your education, highlighting your achievements and priority subjects. Bring your CV and any certificates they may require. Go through your CV before your interview.

Be punctual

The most important thing is to be punctual. There is really no excuse for being late. Before the day of the interview, try to find out the location of the company. This will help you reach on time. Arrive 10 minutes prior to interview so that you have enough time to settle down.

The first impression counts

Well, that is true. Though first impression is a psychological thing but it really matters. A well-groomed appearance shows that you understand the level of dress-up expected in professional environments. Make sure you avoid loud, bold colors and bizarre fashion statements. Neatly combed hair and clean, short nails give a hint about your personality.

Be prepared for a phone interview

You should always remain prepared for a telephonic interview on a short notice. A recruiter may call you up and ask if you can take a telephone interview in a few hours time. Be prepared for common questions and make sure you are in a quiet place for the interview where no one disturbs you in between.

Practice for interview

This part is most important. You should anticipate questions that may be asked in the interview and prepare appropriate answers for them. Also, make sure you practice answering those questions verbally, this reduces your chances of fumbling while answering, especially in case of tricky questions. Certain common questions are expected in an interview and you should make sure you answer them perfectly and use them to channelize or drive towards a discussion on your area of strength.

Gather information about the role and the company

Research about the company you are interviewing. Learn more about the business vertical and the role you are interviewing for. Having information about the role and company would reflect your interest or keenness for the job you are applying for. For example, if you have an interview for drilling jobs, you don’t need special preparation about employers.

Be confident

Last but not the least, be confident. No one is perfect, but anyone can be confident. When you answer, speak confidently and slightly more slowly than you do. Talk about your strengths and even weaknesses. Make sure you project your weakness as if they can be easily turned into positives. Throughout the interview, be happy, confident and enthusiastic. Remember, confidence is a tricky issue. Don’t be overconfident.

Once your job interview is over, thank them for the time they spent and for interviewing you. Remember, how you behave and present yourself in your interview is as important as the achievements and credentials in your CV.